Joseph M. Brenner

Joseph M. Brenner, Partner

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Joseph M. Brenner

Joe is a long-time partner in our core music practice, working on all facets of the business, including recorded music, publishing, live performance/touring and endorsements. In that capacity, he’s worked with a wide variety of clients, including “superstar” acts, new and developing artists and all the major record and music publishing companies.  Joe also helped to build and develop our digital media, videogame, sports and endorsement/branding practices, and works with numerous clients in those fields ranging from professional sports leagues (and professional athletes) to videogame publishers to new media/internet companies (and the entrepreneurs and finance partners involved in such companies).

Representative Transactions

Joe has rendered legal services for clients in connection with:

  • various forms of recording agreements, including renegotiations for superstar artists;
  • Joint venture, label and other similar music business deals;
  • worldwide tours for superstar artists as well as “private” live performances and appearances; 
  • various forms of music publishing deals;
  • various forms of audio-visual product deals;
  • talent, license and other agreements relating to the videogame industry;  
  • endorsement and sponsorship deals with companies in numerous industries, including sports equipment, technology, consumer goods, fashion, cosmetics, automotive and beverages;
  • branding and licensing transactions in numerous industries, including apparel, fragrance, cosmetics, tour (and other) merchandise, and footwear;
  • various forms of “new media”/internet business transactions (including those that straddle both the entertainment & technology worlds);
  • fan club and other direct-to-fan/consumer initiatives; and
  • senior executive employment, consulting and similar agreements.


  • Harvard College (A.B., 1986)
  • Columbia Law School (J.D., 1989)