David Jacobs

David M. Jacobs, Partner

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David M. Jacobs

David is a hands-on music attorney and partner at the firm, now working in every facet of the entertainment business. Priding himself on adding as much value to his clients’ lives as possible, he is often responsible for the assembling of a great team around an artist throughout the territories of the world, comprised of management, label, publisher, publicist, agent, and every other type of worthwhile opportunity a young artist could need--while at all times ensuring they are building a long-term career and not just a flash in the pan. Of course, he also diligently and comprehensively represents his client's legal interests with every ounce of sophistication and foresight in a constantly evolving field. His wide range of clients include a special group of risen & rising stars in both the major and independent label realms, producers of all genres, and an impressive list of record labels who are responsible for some of the most exciting music hitting people's ears right now. A musician himself, he goes about his role in a client's life with as much care, patience, ingenuity, enthusiasm, and empathy as possible.

Before joining the firm in September 2015, David was a partner at Mark Music & Media Law, P.C. from 2007.


  • Brandeis University (B.A. in Music, English Literature & Philosophy, 2004)
  • New York Law School (J.D., 2007)